Brake system

The full offer of Kraft Automotive products for the braking system comprises: brake pads, discs, shoes, drums, brake pad wear sensors, ABS sensors and brake cylinders. This offer is comprehensive and covers over 90% of models of the current European car fleet. The brake system is one of the key factors in the safety of the driver and passengers so a great emphasis is placed on the safety of use and the quality of products .

Brake pads are controlled and quality tested on each stage of the manufacturing process. Starting from the purchase of materials used for production, via mixing, pressing and polishing, and finally packing the ready products. The Kraft Automotive pads may be used in vehicles equipped with  the ABS, ESP, TCS, EBD, ASC and other systems. They may also be used with each type of brake discs, including sports discs (notched and/or bored). Each pad is equipped with two types of  protection against  undesirable squeal of the brake system, improving significantly: the mass adhering directly to the pad tin as well as anti-vibration layer (so called SHIM).

It should be underlined that the manufacturer of the pads holds the certificate ISO 9001:2001 and 14001:2005. The products meet all the European quality norms, required by the EU directive ECE R-90, allowing brake pads and shoes to be used in the European Union.

The current catalogue of brake discs and drums covers over 90% of the European-made car fleet.
Due to a long-standing co-operation with proven suppliers, these products feature high quality which is appreciated both on the Polish and on the European market.

Brake shoes are the youngest assortment group in the Kraft Automotive offer. It comprises over 200 products. These articles are manufactured using the newest technologies, do not contain harmful components and are thus safe both for the environment and car users. The Kraft Automotive brake shoes are produced only in the European Union and like brake pads, the meet all the norms required by law.

In the recent days, the Kraft Automotive offer has been widened to include a new product – the degreaser Brake and Clutch Cleaner.  

This modern agent cleans and degreases fast and efficiently brake and clutch parts. Removes perfectly brake fluid, grease, oil and other dirt from metal parts. The product also prevents brake squeaking and clutch slipping. Easy to use, does not  corrode metals.

The Kraft Automotive degreaser is available in 500ml packaging.