Cooling system

The Kraft Automotive product offer for the cooling system currently comprises only cooling system pumps. As of today, the offer of Kraft Automotive water pumps is one of the widest in the market, comprising several hundred items. The water pump is one of the key parts of the cooling system, that is why the building of this product group started with this assortment. The water pumps bearing the  Kraft Automotive logo meet the highest quality parameters which can be best confirmed by a very low percentage of complaint applications during several years of sales, even against the background or products offered by the most renowned and recognizable manufacturers! A rigorous control of the production process on each stage ensures a final product which is characterized by a very high quality. The factory manufacturing this assortment meets the newest quality certificates ISO and QS. The components used for the production of the pumps are delivered in most cases by cooperating companies from Japan and Germany and feature excellent technical parameters and material characteristics.