Among steering elements in the Kraft Automotive assortment, one finds steering rods and steering rod ends as well as power steering pumps.

The offer of Kraft Automotive rods and rod ends comprises almost one thousand items and thus may be applied in most vehicles moving on European roads now. The offer of steering elements is based only on proven manufacturers, delivering for the original equipment market and the aftermarket, because the highest quality and reliability of these elements has a decisive impact on the safety of their users. This is not the place for savings or compromises !

Also, power steering pumps are manufactured using a technology applied in first assembly production. This ensures a high quality and efficiency of products, their users enjoy the highest possible level of safety and steering comfort. A trouble-free and extended period of use compared with similar products is achieved through a detailed, rigorous quality control. At present, the offer of power steering pumps is a highly selected group of products for the most popular European car makes.

In the future, the Kraft Automotive offer of steering parts will be expanded to include another product groups.