Kraft Automotive covers comprehensively the demand for suspension elements as well as hubs and wheel bearings for the vast majority of cars moving on European roads. The offer comprises parts for older vehicles but also for those making their debut on the market. The whole offer includes over 4000 products.

The suspension assortment can be divided into hard suspension, including: control arm ball joints, control arms, multi-link sets for Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles, stabilizer links; and soft, rubber and metal suspension: control arm bushes, stabilizer rod mounting rubber, rear axle bracket mounting, engine mounting holders and gearbox mounting holders. The Kraft suspension offer relies on reputable manufacturers, delivering their products to the factory market, as well as brand manufacturers of an assortment intended for the “aftermarket”.

The offer of bearings and hubs integrated with the bearing comprise another several hundred items, allowing to choose a product for most cars and delivery trucks moving on European roads. The high quality of products ensures long and trouble-free use and reduces the service costs significantly, preventing premature wear. The best proof for the quality and reliability of this Kraft Automotive assortment group are the very positive opinions voiced by their numerous satisfied users.